Jul 22, 2016

By Bob Komsic

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You just may put that glass down or find it hard to swallow – booze is a direct cause of seven kinds of cancer.
Alcohol Cancer
That conclusion from New Zealand researchers, who say they’ve also found no matter how much you consume, alcohol will increase your risk of getting these types of cancer:  liver, colon, rectum, breast (females), larynx, orolarynx, and esophagus.
The link was strongest with cancer of the larynx and orolarynx.
The study, published in the journal Addiction, says there’s no ”safe” level of drinking, estimating that 5.8% of all cancer deaths worldwide can be attributed to alcohol.
Lead researcher Jennie Conner at the University of Otago says ”there doesn’t seem to be any threshold below which drinking is actually safe with respect to cancer … no alcohol is safe and any alcohol increases your risk of some types of cancer.”
The silver lining is that the risk drops for those who stop drinking, falling back to levels similar to those who never drink after 20 years.
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