Oct 25, 2018

By Jane Brown

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It is no secret that high fat diets are harmful for your health, and we are now learning that a harmful diet can be passed on to your offspring as well.

Recent studies have linked development of type 2 diabetes and impaired metabolic health to the parents’ poor diet, and there is increasing evidence that fathers play an important role in obesity and metabolic programming of their offspring.

But an interesting study from Researchers at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that men who exercise before conception can give their children a head start on a healthy metabolism before they’re even born.

The study compared four groups of mice.

Adult mice who had athletic dads did not inherit the metabolic problems even if their Dad’s ate unhealthy.

In her paper, Dr. Kristin Sanford reports that changes in the small-R-N-A, that helps the flow of the genetic information, may be responsible for these changes.



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