May 01, 2019

By Bob Komsic

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Legislation to upload responsibility for future Toronto transit projects to the province will be introduced Thursday.
Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek says the bill would mean building transit faster with a focus on a regional network.
”We would be able to prioritize transportation projects and make decisions based on what is best for the people of Ontario, not just Toronto,” Jeff Yurek told the Toronto Region board of Trade in a speech.
While the city and province are still negotiating terms of the upload, Premier Doug Ford has said the TTC would retain day-to-day operations of the subway, buses and streetcars and the city would keep revenue from the fare box.
Yurek says the legislation will be part of a large bill that’ll also address road safety including stronger fines for drivers travelling slowly in the left-hand or passing lane and may results in higher highway speed limits.
He points out the 400-seris highways were designed to have vehicles travelling at 120-kmh, reminding motorists the speed limit was reduced in the early 1970s, not for safety reasons but to help drivers save fuel and money during the oil crisis.
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