Dec 20, 2019

By Jane Brown

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Are you a workaholic? If yes, you may want to talk with your doctor about your blood pressure.

Employees who worked more hours per week than the average worker are said to be at an increased risk of higher blood pressure, even when accounting for the effects of diabetes, smoking and alcohol use.

Researchers at Montreal’s Laval University followed over 3500 men and women in white collar professions over five years.

Those who worked more than 49 hours a week had a 66 percent higher risk of having high blood pressure as measured by a device they wore while working.

The researchers took into account the workers’ use of alcohol, history of diabetes and whether they were active.

After accounting for these factors, working longer hours still was the most important factor associated with high blood pressure.

And employees who worked longer also had masked hypertension, which means blood pressure is generally normal in the doctor’s office but higher when measured at home or work.

You can read about the study in the journal Hypertension.

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