On Thursday's GFB: Naguib Gouda & Carolyn Jarvis - September 27th

Sep 26, 2012

By Dale Goldhawk

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11:30am EST | Naguib Gouda, CEO of the Alzheimer Society of Canada
12:30pm EST | Carolyn Jarvis, 16×9 Chief Correspondent

GUEST – Naguib Gouda, CEO of the Alzheimer Society of Canada

TOPIC – Report on Alzheimers in Canada.

INFO – Naguib Gouda will discuss a report released on Thursday regarding Alzheimers in Canada.


GUEST – Carolyn Jarvis, 16×9 (sixteen by nine) Chief Correspondent

TOPIC – High Drama on 16×9

  • -Carolyn retraces the steps of 27-year-old Laura Milcawich and her husband Steven Aube who traveled to the remote Ecuadorian paradise of Vilcambamba.
  •  The once sacred preserve of an ancient Inca civilization, the village is now a mecca for backpackers and spiritualists. Of particular focus is the mountain next to the town called Mandango.
  • Laura and Steve decided to make the four-hour roundtrip hike up narrow, winding goat paths to the top of the summit, but when they got there, were accosted by three armed masked men who take their shoes, and rifle through their packs for cash.
  • The masked men told Steve to run back to his hotel and come back with $3,000 in two hours or they would kill Laura. With only two hours to make a four hour trek, Steve sets off running on foot, leaving his wife behind.
  • Left alone with the attackers, Laura fights of an attempted rape by throwing herself off the mountain, landing 100 metres down the mountain.
  • Carolyn speaks with the local villagers Steve alerted on his way down. Along with Steve, these villagers rushed up the mountain, found Laura’s body along the way, and staged a dramatic mountainside rescue.

16×9 airing in its new primetime slot this Friday at 10pm EDT on Global.

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