On This Week's Conspiracy Show - Global Surveillance - May 6th

May 02, 2012

By Richard Syrett

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Richard welcomes an internationally known prophecy expert and best-selling author to discuss how high-tech surveillance equipment is being used us by the secret global elite.

GUEST: Grant R. Jeffrey is the chairman of Frontier Research Publications, Inc., a leading publisher of books, tapes and videos. He is the internationally acclaimed author of Shadow Government; How the Secret Global Elite is Using Surveillance Against You, Countdown to The Apocalypse,The Next World War, and more than twenty other books.


Richard welcomes a chronicler of the fringe and conspiracy culture to discuss the people, places and parapolitics that make up the scenery of bizarre destinations in & around California. He’ll describe the most interesting folks and figures involved in Conspiracy, UFOlogy, Occultism, Discordian Hijinks, Death Cults, and more.From surfing with occult secret societies in Santa Cruz on through to the dry depths of the Manson Family and other cults of Death Valley to crashing with aliens and their fans in Roswell, NM.

GUEST: Adam Gorightly is the author of Happy Trails to High Weirdness; A Conspiracy Theorist’s Tour Guide. Adam is a self-described certified “crackpot historian” and 23rd degree Discordian. He has been chronicling fringe and conspiracy culture in an illuminating manner for over two decades. His articles have appeared in numerous publications such as “The Excluded Middle,” “UFO Magazine,” “Paranoia,” “Steamshovel Press,” and “FourTwoFour,” the largest soccer magazine in Great Britain. Gorightly’s explorations into these arcane waters eventually led to his first book, published in October 2001, “The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control and the Manson Family Mythos.” Other books by Gorightly include “The Prankster and the Conspiracy: The Story of Kerry Thornley and How He Met Oswald and Inspired the Counterculture,” “James Shelby Downard’s Mystical War,” and “The Beast of Adam Gorightly: Collected Rantings 1992-2004.” Previously, Feejee Press published his “A Who’s Who of the Manson Family.”

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