Conspiracy Show Podcast - March 4th

Mar 06, 2018

By Valerie Massie

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Richard welcomes a professional musician and contactee who has produced Music from the Mystical Red Planet. He has details of ET’s currently residing on earth and other inside information. Pyramids on Mars is music that really sounds like it’s from Mars!!

GUEST: KEVIN ESTRELLA has been welcomed deep into the UFO community after having his own first-hand encounter with something not of this world. He has now begun speaking publicly and has been a featured guest on over 15 UFO radio talk shows.

He comes to ArtistFirst to introduce guests who have been on-board alien craft, and have had direct contact with Extraterrestrial beings. Kevin will introduce us to many Alien/Human Hybrids who are currently on this planet. Find out how and why they are here to help humanity during this historic period of awakening.

Pyramids on Mars is the embodiment of who I am. I have always had a passion for UFO’s, Extra-terrestrials. I have spent over 20 years researching to understand why they are here. I wanted to combine my passion of music with raising consciousness and awareness of the UFO and Extraterrestrial presence. I feel it is my calling.

Kevin recorded, produced, engineered and mastered his first debut CD, self titled “Pyramids on Mars” released in 2013. He performed all the instruments on the album and did all the drum programming. He has been capturing music industry attention getting international radio airplay in the U.S., Canada, South America and Europe.

Richard welcomes a professional medium. There are very few who have her abilities to work in all fields of the metaphysical realm with the accuracy she has …with animals, works with the police and detectives on unsolved crimes and missing persons, doctors, hospitals and individuals re: medical “mysteries” (when doctors can’t figure out what’s wrong, SHE CAN with amazing accuracy), She also connects with spirit.

GUEST: CAROLYN CLAPPER is an Evidential Medium, Psychic, and Medical Intuit. This means during a reading many things can come though, beyond what you may be expecting or hoping for. You may be looking to connect with one person, yet more than one person comes through to speak to you. This is frequently the case, as there are people in the next world who may be watching over you, that you wouldn’t expect to be there. You will receive evidence from them of who they are, what they look like, possibly how they passed, and evidence of them still being in your life. Things that I could not know without talking with them.

As a medical intuit, I am able to go through peoples bodies psychically, over the phone, or in person. God and Spirit will tell me what’s going on, and I then tell you. I am not a medical doctor, or practitioner, so anything that comes through for you or loved ones during your read is something that I will encourage for you to follow up with doctors on… That being said, everything thus far has been confirmed by doctors 100%, and they have saved many lives through me. In addition to working wth people to get in touch with their loved ones, I also work in missing people and animal cases, unsolved homicide, and medical mysteries. I have successfully located several missing people.

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