Nov 13, 2019

By Gavin Day

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The province is dealing with a shortage of the higher dose flu vaccines.
The higher doses are for seniors and those who are more at risk of contracting the flu over the winter.
On Zoomer Radio’s “Fight Back” with guest host Bob Komsic, family physician Jeffrey Habert says he’s been told they may not be available until early December.
“There seems to be a shortage. We’re not sure why,” said Habert. “Public Health sent a notice yesterday saying we will not have more stock until early December and if we need to then use the standard dose vaccines and we’ve been doing that.”
The higher dose vaccine is 4 times the dose as a normal flu shot and is about 25 percent more effective. It’s also only available at medical clinics and not as readily available as the standard vaccine.
Habert says he’s giving those most at risk the standard dose since he doesn’t want them to wait. He advises that well seniors can wait until the high dose vaccine becomes available.
For snowbirds heading to the southern United States in the near future, he advises just paying to get the shot done when you arrive there.
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